(May 28, 2011) — Hong Kong: apm especially invited Korean’s hit boy group 2AM today to hold “apm x 2AM – Saint o’clock fan signing”. 2AM introduced their songs in their first full-length album “Saint o’clock” and performed an A Capella for their fans.

After debuting for 2 years and finally releasing their first album “Saint o’clock”, the album became #1 in Hong Kong’s HMV K/J-pop weekly champion. Hits such as “Crazily” and “You wouldn’t answer my calls” give different feelings letting 2AM release their full potential. These songs have led them to win music chart champions, only 2AM can use their flawless and true voices to win. This long-awaited single will let “I Ams” feel their angelic voices in their ears.

2AM put on a good event for their fans today at apm such as performing an A Capella, taking group photo with the “I Ams” and also signing “Saint o’clock” CDs for lucky fans.

The event was organized by apm and Opus Two Entertainment Ltd.

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