In conjunction of next year’s Chinese New Year, New Pro Star have called up the few artistes that signed by them recently in a new movie entitled “Go! Go! Oh My God!” (or in Mandarin “神仙到你家”).

September 3, Kuala Lumpur – Press conference was held at Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant. New Pro Star also invited an honorable guest, our namely Minister of Health, Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai.

A short speech given by Angel Chan, Executive Director of New Pro Star. She had given us some clues on how the film would be. Before the filming starts, Angela Chan and other casts as celestial beings had taken vegetarian meals for the past 7 days to respect the roles too. The cast members also came to the conference with some make-up and we barely recognize some of them. “Humor can be seen but not too over”, Angela mentioned. “We have Wonder Girls too, but male version”, she added.

Followed by music director, Candy Cheah explained more on it. The production would include some singing by the cast members. “There will be a song where rearrange from Christmas song, look forward to it”, Candy teased us. She will be in the film production also as an amateur compares to the experienced.

Minister of Health, Liow Tiong Lai stepped in. He briefly introduce Bentong, reasoning of the production would have a 6 days on location shooting in Bentong. Durians, gingers, historical temple and more were mentioned, they are Bentong’s remarkable specialities.

Before wrapping up, we had an in-depth interview with Candy Cheah. Taken few of the important matters of this upcoming Chinese New Year film.

In this shooting, the casts would experience hanging metal wire to portray the entrance or so on of the celestial beings. An estimation of 12 days of shooting, 2 days in studio and 6 days in Bentong with the resting days included. She expects no overrun on the production as they had all the experienced actors gathered.

Films would not include only Mandarin but also other dialects such as Hokkien and Hakka too. A very localize (humor) dialogues in a good matter to be expected. Other than emphasizing Chinese New Year theme, a very family oriented plot will able to witness by the viewers. A RM350,000 production will be surfaced in local on end of November or beginning of December, before Christmas that’s for sure. Music videos of specific songs and making of might able to be seen through TV broadcast.

Do support New Pro Star’s latest Chinese New Year film – “Go! Go! Oh My God!” in December.