SS501 members Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng arrived Hong Kong on the 7th and held their fanmeeting “Kyu Jong & Young Saeng AND Story” on the 8th. This event is organized by ELF ASIA and co-organized by Ample Hope Entertainment and iPROgilvy.

It is their second time coming to Hong Kong, the duo performed “Wings of the World” together, the fans went crazy with their green light sticks and the screaming lifted the atmosphere of the fanmeeting. Kyu Jong sang “Never Let You Go” & “Wuss Up”, Young Saeng did “Love Like This” in English, which seems to be only exclusive to Hong Kong fans.

There was a interview/game kind event, they asked Kyu Jong and Young Saeng to pick letters from “HONG KONG” and a question will be revealed. One of them was asking if Young Saeng if he liked to take selcas (self camera shots) and told him to give 3 expressions which left him very embarrassed and shy because the MCs put him on the spot 😛 They also asked when will they be coming back with an new album, but they only revealed that Kim Hyung Jun will be releasing a solo CD in February.

Hong Kong was the third stop of the tour after meeting fans in Seoul and Bangkok. They will continue to tour in Singapore, Japan and other countries.