March 10, 2012, Hong Kong – The hottest Korean boy band 2PM has successfully concluded their first ever concert in Hong Kong “M Live by CJ / 2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR in HONG KONG 2012” at AsiaWorld-Arena on March 10, 2012 (Saturday). 2PM performed their greatest hits along with their powerful choreography and perfectly designed special stage effects. The attending crowds were hypnotized over the course of the 2-hour show and 2PM has proved themselves as the one and only “Beast Idol”!

2PM kick off their much-anticipated show at 8:00PM. After a short, yet powerful, countdown video, the 6 members popped up on stage behind the impressive kabuki curtain. They began with their electric dance song “Hot” and “Electricity”. A huge jolt of electricity and joy shot through the arena with the heart-thumping beat and glamorizing special effects. Once the slick beat of “Hands Up”, the greatest hit which match the theme of the concert perfectly, entered, it sailed right into the psyches of every audience, who chanted along loudly with their hands put up high!

The 6 handsome members then greeted the crowd in both Cantonese and English and the audiences responded ardently to every word they said! The atmosphere was further heated up by 2PM’s splendid performances of “I Was Crazy About You” and “Tired Of Waiting”. They then continued to show their plethora of talents, led by Junho and Wooyoung demonstrating their outstanding dancing skill with “Besides You”, a masterpiece composed and choreographed by themselves. Their dazzling dance moves stunned every audience and received ear shattering roars from the enthusiastic crowd!

The 6 members then showed up altogether and performed their heart-melting songs “I Can’t”, “Give it to Me” and “Dance2Night” with their amazing vocals. As Hong Kong is the last station of the Asia Tour, 2PM has decided to dedicate a special stage to Hong Kong audience. Junsu, who is highly praised for his singing techniques, sang “I Was Really Hurt” (……), the household song originally sung by Hong Kong’s “God of Songs Jacky Cheung! All fans were so touched
as soon as Junsu started to sing the song, and they followed the music beats and sang together with Junsu throughout! The crowd was deeply impressed by the efforts that 2PM has put in the show!

Nichkhun and Taecyeon performed a magnetic duet of “My Valentine”, the theme song of the popular drama “Dream High” they starred in, dragging the audience into a romantic vibe with their tender voices. Deeply touched by their sentimental voices, the entire hall of fans flashed and waved their white glowing sticks, turning the venue into a panoramic Milky Way! Chansung, who has been practicing martial art since he was small, revealed his macho sword skill with “Revenger” in his impressive solo act, bringing the unique performance of 2PM to the Hong Kong audience.

The first half of the concert ended with a video of the member’s daily life, unfolding the cute and adorable sides of each member! All the fans roared with laughter after seeing the funny scenes of the 6 members!

The members hit the stage again with a mind-blowing performance of “I’ll Be Back” to kick off the second half of the concert. They turned the venue into a huge disco with their hottest “shuffle dance”! During the 2 up-beat songs “I Hate You” and “Back 2 U”, the members danced sexily with the dancers and showed off their perfectly sculpted body and rock-hard muscles! The fans just can’t help to scream hysterically! After that, Junsu conquered the stage with his solo performance “Alive” with his affecting voice. The six members then brought the house down with their great hit “Without you”, audience chanted and imitated their “Okay” dance move.

The 6 members have prepared some roses as a special gift for Hong Kong fans. In order to express their love and thanks to their fans, 2PM specially doubled the number of roses given out to the audience at the concert, making Hong Kong a really memorable and special stop of their Asia Tour this time!! The 6 handsome boys morphed into Cupid, blowing kisses and giving out roses to the screaming crowds while performing “Only you”, one of their all time best love songs. The fans indulged in the romantic mood and strove to grab a rose from the 6 charming members! They continued their energetic performance in
10 out of 10” with heart-stopping tricks including cartwheel, backward somersault and headstand which fascinated everyone in the concert hall!

The members never stopped moving, gliding across the stage and driving everyone crazy during the show. They then continue their phenomenal performance and sparkled with their breath-taking songs “Again & again”, “I’m Your Man” and “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop”. The atmosphere was raised to its peak by their signature song “Heartbeat”, where Nichkhun even flew up high and transformed into a dark angel!

2PM then dedicated “Thanks You” to the audience to express their sincere gratitude for their love and support. Knowing that the concert was approaching to its end, the fans kept on waving their white glowing sticks as well as the specially made glowing banners of the members’ names, hoping that they could stay for eternity! Touched by the passion of the audiences, the members returned to the stage for their encore stage and performed “10 out of 10” and “Hands Up” again. The 6 members, who were soaked up in sweat and exhausted after a night-long fatiguing performance, concluded the spectacular Hong Kong concert, and also the whole HANDS UP ASIA TOUR, by reuniting on stage to say goodbye to the audience!

Commenting on the concert, CJ E&M, the organizer of the Asia Tour, stated, “We are grateful to have the enormous interest and support from Hong Kong fans. It was a memorable night with the fans in Hong Kong and was a remarkable end for the “HANDS UP ASIA TOUR”. We are overwhelmed by the success of this Asia Tour. We look forward to bringing various Korean music all over the world and sharing with all music lovers in the future!”

With the tremendous love and support from the enthusiastic fans and music lovers, all concert tickets of “2PM HANDS UP TOUR in HONG KONG 2012” were promptly sold out in the first day of its public sale. Fans are already looking forward to 2PM’s next performance in Hong Kong after spending the memorable and unforgettable night with the 6 members! The members also revealed that they were amazed by the passionate Hong Kong fans and wished they could come to Hong Kong again in the future!

“M Live by CJ / 2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR in HONG KONG 2012” is sponsored by Milan Station, Asiana Airlines, Me In Ltd. and Hong Kong SkyCity Marriot Hotel. This event is also fully supported by KNT (Hong Kong), Kimchi Garden Korean Restaurant, CASA Lounge, AsiaWorld-Arena and Hong Kong Ticketing. COOL Water is the Official Drink of the event. FOX International Channels, tvN and Channel [V] are the media partners.

ELF ASIA is the organizer. PLUS asia, Ample Hope Entertainment and Crowning Talents Entertainment are the co-organizers of the event.

Photos are partially provided by organizer.