“Like this yo, like this.”

Members of Wonder Girls Sunye, Yenny, Yubin, Lim and Sohee had arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia once again. A brief press conference were held at Hilton KL just now. Respective media members are accordingly invited to join.

Yubin mentioned that they have prepared something special for the Malaysia Wonderfuls, only in Malaysia. Unknowingly, the organizer leaked it is traditional dresses. Do look forward to it tonight.

Wonder Girls are preparing their US album right now. Plan for any solo album might possible to be seen in the future. The girls even discussed each of them will like to go for what sort of movie genre. Lim stated she like to go for romantic comedy, or maybe some family related. Sohee cutely answered she like to act as a teenage girl as she is able to wear school uniform. As for the other 3, they like to be in some action packed genre. “Maybe Catwoman”, Yenny added.

When talking about their favorite artistes that they like to work with, famous names like Akon, Usher, Beyonce, Rihanna and Katy Perry are included. Further up with Lim’s confessing she is a fan of One Direction and she would choose Louis Tomlinson but she still like all of them. Seems like One Direction is having a big fan here.

As for now, we know Sunye has open up to a relationship. “I’m doing good, members are not jealous but being supportive to us”, Sunye mentioned. She even said she will announces any updates on the relationship she is having whenever is comfortable and fine.

For tonight’s show, hit songs from their debut to recent will be performed. A different styles of themselves will be showcased, solo stages are expected and also their new US titles too. “Thank you for the support”. Wonder Girls press conference ended.

P/S – Will be updated with images soon.