2010 so far has been an incredible year for the KPOP artist as more and more fans seems to show interest towards them. Despite the birth of many rookie groups and a promised comeback that still hasn’t yet to come, Big Bang still managed to hold on to their popularity thanks to it’s loyal VIPs around the world. Today, Big Bang has officially turned 4 years old.

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It seems like it was just yesterday the 5 member group was introduced to Korea at the Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park during the YG Family concert. They gained lots of fans immediately especially during their Lies, Last Farewell & Haru Haru days. From then, Big Bang turned bigger and has already dominated Japan.

Leaded by G-Dragon, who has always been referred as the stylish idol in Korea, indeed did a great job taking care of the members. He who started at 13 truly deserves the fame they had achieved. His ability to rap, writing lyrics and even composing showed Korea how talented he is. Despite the controversies and rumors he had to deal with, G-Dragon somehow always manages to pull it off. It clearly shows he knows how to handle tough situation.

His fashion sense is indeed, undeniable!

Where there’s G-Dragon, there shall always be Taeyang. Taeyang and GD has been best friends for years long, and also went through his trainee days together with him. 2010 surely was a sweet and great year for Taeyang and his fans, for he finally released an album, SOLAR. The 30,000 copies of his Deluxe Edition of SOLAR was sold out immediately after it’s release. Currently, there might be 30,000 fans listening to his CD, while reading this. His “I Need A Girl” track topped the charts not only on Korean charts, but up to the iTunes chart. Today, he released a brand new single entitled “I’ll Be There” which will be included in his international album. My opinion, it shall be another great hit.

Who’ll be grabbing this album??

And who doesn’t know their incredible, marvelous rapper, T.O.P? He who has just finished filming Into The Gunfire movie, is known as the best rappers out there. We all know him as that bad guy in the hit drama IRIS and now, Into The Gunfire has also been a hit which attracted dozens (should I say millions?) of fans. He has appeared in many dramas and his acting skills is proven to be very professional, as he is on stage. A Good Man and Act Like Nothing Happened, which it’s lyrics were written by him gathered lots of fans. Looks like there is nothing this man can’t do. This year, T.O.P released his own single, Turn It Up.

I can cry hearing this..

The apple head Daesung surely attracts lots of girls thanks to his charming smile which he never stops showing. Daesung is known as the “Smiling Angel” which, in the first place annoyed T.O.P when they first met. Like T.O.P too, he is now busy with his upcoming drama, “What’s Up” which has gained lots of interest. He also released his own single “Cotton Candy”. Despite the fact that it didn’t really gain much interest and fame, but if anyone was to ask me, I would say it’s because Daesung didn’t promote it.


Last and not least, the maknae of the group, Seungri. Like other members which are gifted with various talents, Seungri’s specialty was his dancing skills. He then became active in musicals which made him the first Big Bang member to be involved in one. With packed schedules, there is no wonder why he has that infamous dark circles under his eyes, which still, the fans loved. Ah, who wouldn’t, right?

Oh, Seungri has grown so fine..

From the Haru Haru, to Sunset Glow, and from there to the very famous Lollipop ft. 2NE1, and currently Tell Me Goodbye, Big Bang surely inspired at least one of us.

I decided to post this because one, Big Bang was the reason why I started to gain interest towards KPOP, two, because of their remarkable achievements throughout the four banging years, and three, for the VIPs who I know will appreciate a post like this.

For 40 more banging years, this has been a Big Bang anniversary special post! Enjoy!