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So you guys heard that After School and F.Cuz were coming to Singapore for the Sundown Festival 2010.

Well, Kaggregate has been invited to the press conference of the Sundown Festival 2010! 😀
Here’s the thing, all you readers are invited to ‘join’ us!

Drop us questions in the comments that you would want us to ask After School or F.Cuz, or both!
If your question gets picked by us, of course we’ll have something for you guys to win. 😀

  1. A pair of tickets to the Sundown Festival (X1) [Singaporeans only]
  2. HQ unwatermarked picture of the group/member of your choice. (X5)

What are you waiting for? It’s your chance for After School and F.Cuz to answer your questions!

  1. Follow us on Twitter @Kaggregate
  2. Become a fan of us on Facebook – HERE.
  3. Retweet this:

“Follow @Kaggregate to get a chance to ask After School and FCuz qns and win tix to Sundown fest! More:”

Comment below with the following:

  1. Twitter username
  2. Facebook name
  3. Country you are currently residing in
  4. Questions for After School/F.Cuz (Please state who you want to direct the question to)

Here’s some rules though,

  1. Only 1 comment per person (Maximum of 3 questions per person).
  2. Please state in your comments which country you are from.
  3. There will be 6 winners in all. (3 questions for AS and 3 questions for F.Cuz)
  4. The staff and I will pick the best post and decide who wins.
  5. Contest will last from July 8th 1000 ~ July 25th 2359 (KST)
  6. Please read carefully, and good luck!
  • jlwxgal

    Twitter username: jlwxgal
    Facebook name: June Lim
    Country currently residing in: Singapore
    Questions for F.Cuz
    1st Qn: How long does they need to learn Mandarin?
    2nd Qn: Does they want to learn other languages other than Mandarin?
    3rd Qn: Will they have fan-sign/hi-5/concert in Singapore next time?

  • Risziana Rosli

    Twitter username: ritzcheese
    Facebook name: Risziana Rosli
    Country currently residing in: Singapore
    Questions for After School…
    1] How is it different being in front of Singapore fans and Koreans fans?
    2] With 8 people in your group and 3 of them recently joined in, has there been any arguments about anything?? I mean…they are all girls. too many of them.
    3] Lastly, are you thinking about coming to Singapore again?

  • rainbow

    Twitter username: rainbowtavern
    Facebook name: Lanna Ho
    Country you are currently residing in: Singapore
    Questions for After School:
    1.Your group has been changing members.. and recently, 3 new members joined. How do you feel about the changes?
    2. What are your thoughts towards the new groups coming out in the KPOP scene?
    3. Will you be coming to Singapore again?

  • jiawen

    Twitter username: yowjiawen
    Facebook name: Jia Wen
    Country you are currently residing in: Singapore
    Questions for After School:
    1. How do you all find the environment in Singapore?
    2. Do you have any thought on how Singapore fans will surprise you during sundown festival itself?
    3.Fans in Singapore gone crazy after confirming your attendance in sundown festival and do you all intend to have personal concert in Singapore in return for the support for the fans?

  • Pat

    Twitter username: patary
    Facebook name: Pat Chirayunon
    Country currently residing in: Bangkok but going to Sg on Jul30 for Sundown
    Questions for After School…
    1] If you all are in school right now what's the after school activities you would like to do most? and why?
    2] What is the most memorable experience for each of you after joining After School?
    3] If After School can disguise into other bands from Korean for 1 day which band would you like to become? and why?

  • Niyama

    Twitter Username: iNiyama
    Facebook Name: Niyama Kim
    Country: Germany
    Question for F.CUZ:

    1. If you could parody any song/video, what would it be? (kpop or international)
    2. With the 4 of you attracting different types of fans, do you sometimes get jealous of the other members? maybe because one has prettier fans than the others?
    3. Since your debut, a lot of fans wondered about an official fanclub/fan name. do you have ideas for it already? when will it be released?

  • Shahid

    Twitter Username: –
    Facebook Name: Muhammad Shahid
    Country: Singapore
    Question for After School:

    1. Recently Orange Caramel made their debut with 'candy couture' concept. Any hints on the concepts for Kahi's solo and the second sub-unit?
    2. Jooyeon is now a regular member of G7 in Invincible Youth and Kahi on Heroes, do the rest of you have any desire to be a regular on any variety shows?
    3. Do any of you have a hidden talent that you would like to share that has never been shown on tv?

  • Erns

    Twitter Username: Ernspsyc

    Facebook Name: Ernest Tan

    Country currently residing in: Singapore

    Questions for After School:

    #1. Being in the Music industry, Some artistes would feel that they have to uphold a certain image or even act differently to be popular, even if that is not their true self. What does it mean for the girls to be real and true to themselves? Have they been able to achieve that as a group and as individuals?

    #2. Do you girls feel limited by the fact that After School has only mini albums under your belt? (instead of full albums to showcase and possibly explore more of After School's music style and talents)

    #3. Music is said to be a universal language to reach out and touch the hearts of many. What keeps the music of After School to be 'Fresh' to appeal to the masses?

  • Tan Jia Yi

    1.Twitter username: xoxodbsj

    2.Facebook name: Tan Jia Yi (xoxodbsj)

    3.Country you are currently residing in: Singapore

    4.Questions for F.Cuz (Can be used to ask After School too):

    1. When you reached Singapore, how do you feel about the fans that had went to the Airport to 'fetch' you?

    2. What difference are there between Singapore fans and fans from other countries?

    3. What is your first impression of Singapore?

  • anastasia evelyn

    Twitter username –
    Facebook name : EvLyn 에린
    Country you are currently residing in : singapore
    Questions for F.Cuz:
    1. How is the group f.cuz being formed?! ex. member meet each other and formed group..
    2. What is each member's roles/image in the group? ^^
    3. F.cuz are currently promoting their group in chinese/taiwan market. is there any plans to promote f.cuz to other country/market? where?

  • Rue

    Not participating for the contest, just wanna ask questions :)

    1. Twitter username: candycrust
    2. Facebook name: Rue Ryu
    3. Country you are currently residing in: Singapore/Malaysia

    4. Questions for After School
    – How is it like now that you are divided into sub groups? Has this changed the dynamics of the group?

    Questions for F.cuz
    Similar to @INiyama's – It has been almost 7 months since F.cuz's debut but you have yet to release the fanclub name and official colour. Has there been any thoughts about it, and do you plan to release them soon?

    – F.cuz have been promoting more in the Taiwan market than back home in Korea. What are the members feelings about this as there are more and more newer groups who are promoting themselves aggressively in Korea? Do you feel threatened by them?

    – Your fanbase has been growing even before you debuted and with twitter, it has increased your connection with your fans. What do you feel about your popularity not just in Korea but more in other countries, including Singapore?

    Sorry for the long questions. lol :)

  • Jessica Lao

    Twitter username: @hanjibear
    Facebook name: Jessica Lao (류재희)
    Country you are currently residing in: Philippines (so I don't really want to win the tickets >.<)
    Questions for After School:

    1. Whose parody of Orange Caramel did you like the best? (For Orange Caramel members or for everyone :D)
    2. Being a big group with lots of members and having a hectic schedule, do you manage to have personal talks with everybody? (For Kahi or for everyone:D)
    3. In the group, who are you the closest to? (For UEE or for everyone:D)

    That's all I'm curious about as of now xD. Thanks Kaggregate!

  • Jasline Lee

    Twitter username: @Jasenil29
    Facebook name : Jasline Lee KiKwang
    Country you are currently residing in : Singapore
    Questions for F.Cuz:
    1. How would you attract fans to support you?
    2. Would you consider staying in Singapore if you like it here?
    3. Do you have any wishes that you might want fans to help fulfill?

  • Josephine T

    Twitter username: rJosephine
    Facebook name: Josephine Tan
    Country you are currently residing in : Singapore
    Questions for F.cuz.
    1.Why did the members become a singer instead of a model? Since all have the standard of model?
    2. How do f.cuz feels about coming singapore?

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  • Lee JinAh (Fid)

    Twitter username: lee_jinah
    Facebook name: Fid Kim
    Country you are currently residing in: Singapore
    Questions for After School
    1. If you could choose one male group/male singer to collaborate with, which group/singer would it be and why?
    2. Does the members have any personal talents? If yes, what are they?
    3. Is there any other kinds of concept that you would like to try in the future?

  • Michelle

    Twitter username : maddxluvskpop
    Facebook name : Michelle 진혜
    Country you are currently residing in : Singapore

    Questions for After School :
    1. How do they find the fans and environment in Singapore as compared to Korea? Was it what they expected?
    2. What's every person's role in the After School 'family'? Like who's the baby, the maid (LOL) besides appa and umma >.<
    3. Will you be having a concert (or a mini concert/showcase) soon in Singapore?

  • loh kin wah

    Twitter username: lohkinwah
    Facebook name: Jeremy Loh Kin Wah
    Country currently residing in: Singapore
    Questions for After School…
    1] What are the things you all like in Singapore?
    2] How do you all think of Singapore guys?
    3] Do you all have plans to have a concert in Singapore?

  • Sleepysa

    Twitter username: sleepy_sa
    Facebook name: –
    Country you are currently residing in: Singapore
    Questions for After School:

    1. In your newest variety show, Play Girlz School, you have several 'lessons' (brunch party, club party…) and 'missions' to undertake. What kind of 'lessons' or 'missions' do you want to take up, during your short stay in Singapore?

    2. It has been recently revealed by Raina, that Lizzy has a weird hobby when undressed…(and the other two Orange Caramel members have acknowledged that they were also with Lizzy during that time) so, what are the weird hobbies of the other members?

    3. All Playgirlz (name of After School fans) know that the members really love to eat, especially Jung Ah, so what exactly is your favourite Korean food? And, since this is (could be) your first time in Singapore, what kind of local food are you looking forward to?

  • Zel

    2. Hazel Tay
    4. After school

    – From a variety program, it has been revealed that Uee and Kahi instills discipline in the group. Who is the next member that After school members are most afraid of, other than Kahi and Uee?

    – After school members to choose a member to date if you were a guy, and why?

    – Other than playgirlz school, what is after school most memorable outing they ever had?

  • Lee Dao Xin

    Twitter username: SGkrezzy
    Facebook name: Lee Dao Xin
    Country you are currently residing in: Singapore

    Questions: (trying not to overlap questions that have been posted already. If i did, so sorry!)

    for both After School and F.Cuz 😀
    1. What are their first impressions of their members?

    2. What is the craziest thing they've seen a fan do for them?

    3. How do they feel about Plastic Surgery? Will they choose to date someone who has undergone plastic surgery, or someone who is all-natural?

  • veetan28

    Twitter username:veetan28
    Facebook name:Vivien Tan
    Country currently residing in: Singapore
    Questions for After School…
    1)How is it like when After School formed, how do your feel about the group?
    2)Would you want to have an ASIAN concert in Singapore?
    3)How does it feel when there's a new member in the group?