• June 12, 2010

Universal Music Malaysia held an “Exclusive BEAST Live Video Chat” contest for B2UTYs on Facebook. Winners will have the chance to attend the video chat and meet B2ST. Luckily, I was able to join other winners and witnessed the whole process of the conference. Let’s take a shortcut to the ‘show’.  Winners, B2UTYs and medias were gathered at a conference room. The B2UTYs were given a chance of asking 4 questions. With this, we asked some questions and also the medias.

I didn’t really note down the questions & answers since it was a rush for me, but here will be the thing I can trace back through my mind.

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– Universal Music Malaysia connected to Universal Music Korea –
– Was able to see all 6 B2ST members on screen – (Although it was quite blurry)

Questions with answers from B2ST (NOT IN ORDER)

Q : What’s the first impression about Malaysia?
A : Our manager went the several times and he said Malaysia is a great place.

Q : If B2ST given a chance to collaborate with an idol girl group, who will it be?

Q : What makes B2ST so special among all boy groups in Korea?
A : We always discuss thing with our manager in the office about our music, so this is B2ST.

Q : When you (B2ST) are arrived at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which place will you visit?
A : Twin Towers!

Q : Who’s your rival group?
A : There’s no rival.

Q : Which idol group do you admire at?
A : Shinhwa (a popular group in the 20s)

Q : What kind of performances will you bring to Malaysia?
A : We are practiced everyday so look forward to it when we’re there

Guess this is all. My post won’t end without picture(s).

A short clip during live video conference in Singapore

Don’t forget, B2ST is coming Malaysia and also other countries around Asia.

Be sure to attend the showcase. So, are you ready to get shock?

8 responses to “B2ST on LIVE!”

  1. YoSeoplover says:

    Are they really coming? As in still coming? Is the showcase public or private? As in, do we need a ticket to go in?

  2. Alex Lim says:

    They'll be coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    On 26th, fans required to pre-order the showcase album from any Speedy outlets.
    The repackage album includes a shirt and a ticket to KL LIVE.

    And for 27th, it's public fan signing but UMM informed that only the Asia Version of SOTNE only can be sign by them.

  3. YoSeoplover says:

    Thank you so much for replying me. So meaning, the repackage album won't be signed by them?

  4. ash says:

    when is their fan meeting? how can i but the tickets? someone please tell me 🙁

  5. Amirah says:

    Hey Alex Lim.thank you so much for the information.I'd really appreciate it.but I have a few question.

    about the showcase ticket,what does the album that has the showcase ticket in it looks like?do you have like a picture of it.n if I want the showcase ticket I just have to go to any speedy outlet and ask for the repackage album or the showcase album??

    n about the fan signing…what do you mean by Asia Version of SOTNE?can you explain in details please…

    im sory 4 asking a lot of question n thank you.

  6. Alex Lim says:

    Yes, I think any Speedy outlet will do.
    For the album look, I'm not really sure but some say it will be similar to the Korea Version of SOTNE.
    On 26th, they will perform 6 songs and a signing session after the showcase.
    From UMM, they said only Asia Version of SOTNE can be signed by them on 27th and it's public.

  7. Sweetcandyshoujo says:

    how the hell can we get the tickets???

  8. Jayne says:

    Tickets to the showcase cannot be bought over. It's exclusive showcase where passes or invitation(maybe) are only allowed. Some get the tix from winning contests.

    However, i'm selling 2 tix since i won them recently. Its RM50 per tix. Interested? Kindly drop me an email at saumun_89@hotmail.com.