Dream Concert happened yesterday in the World Cup Stadium, over 45,000 people attended, even though it rained, I’m sure the atmosphere was still awesome!

A lot of rumors have been going around that there were a lot of incidents during Dream Concert 2010, such as some ELFs kicking SONEs off their seats, because they were in their “suggested areas”. Also a cassie reported that a SONE was sharpening a swiss knife during the show. Hopefully, this isn’t true, and we’ll never know because fan accounts might be biased or even false.

From a fan account, some Shawols turned off their blue light sticks during Girls Generations’ performances… What is this? Grade school?

Also reported, during 2PM‘s performance many people chanted “Park Jaebum” throughout the whole performance, which I personally is rude and an insult to 2PM.

These are all my opinion, and I know not all of the members of the fan clubs participated in these actions, or it might not even be true, but this really teaches us a lesson to respect other people and groups, and to be smart and not do the same thing back to the person who started it, because again it’s seriously grade school level actions. But then again I think this quote really fits in;

“To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual” – Oscar Wilde

The broadcast of Dream Concert was scheduled for today at 4:00PM KST, but they changed it last minute so it will be broadcasted on the 30th, Inkigayo will be back on today.

Edit: It’s been reported that most of the fan clubs after their idols performed, and SONEs stayed and cheered for Super Junior, ELFs are thankful, check out the video;

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