We’re lucky enough to get hold of KC from SoshiDreams.com, he’s worshipped by many SONEs worldwide, and his “Soshi Mueseum” is very well known in Korea now, as it was broadcasted on TV and uploaded everywhere on the internet. Enjoy!

Hi KC, thanks for accepting our short interview with Kaggregate.com, we’ve got a few questions we want to ask you! Why not you start off by telling us a bit about you, and why you decided to make SoshiDreams.com

Heh I’m a pretty boring person, not sure what to say.

My name is KC, I live in Vancouver and currently am a university student. I was super lucky to work as a Moderator on Soshified for a few months earlier this year. While I was there I learned so much about SNSD and their fans, what resources/sites were out there and what was missing. With nothing more than an idea, a free account on Livejournal and a few friends in Korea, I set off to start my own SNSD site and well… the rest is SoshiDreams history! =)

So when did you become an SNSD fan and what makes you collect those albums, posters and merch?

I got into the fandom pretty late compared to most. Although I knew about SNSD since last year, I didn’t really become a fan until early Jan 2010. As for my collection, it started off very slowly. For the longest time I only had 1 or 2 SNSD CD’s, a Genie poster and some wallpapers on my Macs. After learning more about SNSD retail however, I started collecting other things and after 3 months, I had an entire room packed with stuff! I did not ever intend to accumulate this much but, it is just such a fun hobby. It brings me a lot of happiness. =)

What do you feel about giving away and ebaying off those precious merch you’ve been collecting?

To be honest, I only give away or sell a tiny fraction of my collection. As a collector, I always buy things in double or triplicate in case an item is lost, damaged etc. Recently I have been Ebaying/giving away some SNSD items because it just seems a little silly to have 3 ITNW posters when so many SONEs out there don’t have any. So I feel proud and very grateful to be able to give away so much merchandise to other SONEs that maybe aren’t able to buy due to being young, in school etc. SoshiDreams is all about making the dreams of SONEs come true so, I am very thankful for all the love and support the site has received so far. <3

Have you ever met the girls in person, and if you did, did you scream like a fan boy or if not, are you planning to see them one day?

I have never seen the members in person but I will be flying to Seoul this summer so, I hope to meet them then. I am a pretty quiet, reserved person so I doubt I will scream or spazz. Most likely I’ll just be really happy, maybe shake their hand and get an autograph & picture and be on my way.

How did you feel about SONEs’ comment about your Soshi collection.. or museum?

I am very grateful to all the SONEs that have passed on praise and compliments about my collection. To be honest, since the time I took the room photos/video, the ‘museum’ has grown almost 2 times so, the collection has become quite large. I’ll be moving the entire ‘museum’ to a new home this summer, a gorgeous 1600 square foot office so look forward to it! It will most likely be the biggest and best SNSD collection outside of Korea in the world. I have a feeling the new video/pictures will be on every Korean news site once again as the “SNSD Museum in Canada” hahaha. Thanks to all the Korean SONEs, sites and blogs that made SoshiDreams so famous. You guys are jjang!

How did you first come in contact with Soshi?

Before I got into KPOP I was a big fan of Kdramas. I actually found out about SNSD after watching Cinderella Man and trying to find out who the lead actress was. I thought she was so so pretty so I Googled her and found out she was Yoona and part of a Korean idol group. I bought a couple SNSD CD’s and the rest is history hahaha.

I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned this on your blog, but who’s your bias and why?
I try not to be biased if possible but, most people know my favorite member is Yoona. I love all 9 members but, I love Yoona the most! She is so funny, humble, talented and gorgeous, it is difficult not to love her!

Thanks for having an interview with us KC, hope SoshiDreams will continue to be a success and loved by thousands of SONEs, and maybe someday we could work together or have collaboration! A few SONEs told me to tell you that you’re “awesome”, “daebak” and “jjang”!

Not a problem at all, it was fun! Thanks for the interview and all the kind words of support. Please continue to love and support SoshiDreams as we grow! My staff and I will continue to work hard to bring you all the latest retail news from Korea as well as tons of fun contests for great prizes. Let’s make SoshiDreams the best SNSD Retail site in the world, hwaiting ^^

Founder, SoshiDreams.com

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