Hey guys, we haven’ t made any formal introduction on who’s on the team and what we do, there’s currently three staff members including me. I’ll start the introduction 🙂


So, yeah my name’s Christopher, you can call me Chris, I’m from Hong Kong and currently studying high school, and if you guys were wondering why I’m quite fluent in English is because I was born in Canada — I created Kaggregate.com one day because I thought that there weren’t any websites that actually cover K-Pop events, conferences or concerts, either the photos are up on forums or they’re never shared to the world, so I’ve been looking to find people to make us succeed! Let’s hope Kaggregate will grow bigger and better over time 😀


Heyy! 😀 my name is Sherlene and call me Sherlene. I’m from Singapore and currently in a polytechnic. I run a blogshop (CLICK HERE!) together with my cousin so we can get stuff from Korea for all the other fans! (: I attend most of the kpop events in Singapore or at least someone in my clique will. (: I come along with 7 other people cause we’re a clique and fangirl/boy together. All pics are taken by us and shared among all of us. We promise to take super awesome pictures and share it with the world, we’re in the midst of coming up with a blog for our fan accounts alone but that’ll take a while. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures my clique and i have taken/will be taking in future on Kaggregate and visit my blogshop! (: psst, we dont mind shipping internationally. (:


Heyy guys! I’m a new addition to the team. 🙂 You can just call me Rue and I’m from Singapore too. However, I will also cover events from Malaysia as well. I do try to follow Kpop events that are happening near me. Well, I’ll try my best you bring you guys Kpop events and we’ll work hard to someday try and get exclusives possibly like interviews from the artistes. Do support us as we’re new and spread the word, spread the love!

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10 responses to “Introductions: The Team”

  1. cheuw says:

    yeaaah, i hope KAggregate will grow bigger.
    i know Kaggregate already bigger..xD
    yeah as a reader, i’ll support you..
    spread korean wave.. <3

  2. andhieism says:

    congratulations guys

  3. DeDe says:

    HEY GUYS its dede from taeyang_heaven twitter international fan site for taeyang i want to drop by and say congrats n hopefully the blog will get more viewers n become successful FIGHTING

  4. keatjin says:

    Welcome!! i hope you guys can keep improving Kaggregate and i’m looking forward to your works^^

  5. fcuzed2brian says:

    wew . . nice to meet you all ^^
    well, do your best ! hwaiting !
    spread KPOP in Asia !! ^^ hohoho~

  6. chunrren10 says:

    HWAITING~~ welcome 🙂

  7. Dalia says:

    heeeey Guys
    Welcomes & Congratulations… =D

    Hope for u to have fun =3

    So Fighting… Q(^.^)

  8. beaniewhut says:

    Wonder if I can join the crew as a representative of Malaysia. LOL!

  9. Hi Chris, Sherlene and Rue! Dropped by here to say hi! ^^ HWAITING!!!


  10. Christopher says:

    Thanks Lynette! 🙂