Jay Park's Fan Meet

As of 19th July 2010, 5 cities have been confirmed for Jay Park’s fanmeet! Are you part of the lucky few able to meet with Jay?

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As stated on the official site: “More dates and cities have been added but will be announced once venues are confirmed and tickets are ready for purchase. Please check back for updates and more details about the Fan Meets!” (http://www.jaypark.com/fanmeet.html)

Singapore: (I’m a Singaporean, so that’s all i know. >< sorryyyy)

Jay Park was initially supposed to have a fanmeet in Malaysia on 24th Sept (one day before Singapore), but it was cancelled and there are reports that Jay Park will be arriving in Singapore pretty early to attend other events and press conferences. So far, all events are NOT CONFIRMED and organizers say his schedule is still being planned. One thing is for sure though, JAY PARK IS COMING. 😀

Jay will be having a showcase at Sentosa, the Wavehouse. Tickets have been available at sistic from 10th July onwards. Tickets are priced at $120 (w/o sistic charge, $3). You can get your tickets here. Ticket includes a free drink and entrance to Sentosa. The event is on 25th September 2010 and doors open at 7pm. It’s a free standing event.

KAggregate will update immed as soon as Jay Park has any other confirmed events in Singapore.