Kim Jaeuck To Hold First HK Fanmeeting on April 2 and Celebrate His 28th Birthday with His Very First Experiences with Fans – KIM JAEUCK & walrus “4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011”
Date: April 2,2011 (Sat); Time: 7PM; Venue: KITEC, Rotunda 3. Ticket Price: HK$980/HK$780/HK$480 (all seats are numbered).
Among ticket holders of the HK$980 category who have made the purchase on or before March 27, 2011 (Sunday) (the “deadline”), 250 of them will win the Shakehand moment with Jaeuck. Amongst those who purchase HK$780 tickets on or before the deadline, 200 of them will get an autographed poster by all members of walrus. Every ticket holder will receive a towel souvenir and a poster specially designed for Jaeuck’s first fan meeting in HK. These two limited edition souvenirs will be exclusively available at the April 2’s event. (Please see attached for details)
日期:2011年4月2日(星期六);時間:7pm;地點:九龍灣國際展貿中心六樓展貿廳三(Rotunda 3);票價:港幣980元/港幣780元/港幣480元(指定座位)。
凡於2011年3月27日(星期日)(“截止日期”)或之前購買票價為港幣980元門票的人士,其中250名觀眾將可獲得與金材昱握手的機會;凡於截止日期或之前購買票價為港幣780元門票的人士,其中200名觀眾可獲取由全體walrus樂隊成員親筆簽名的海報乙張。同時,每位門票持有人將會獲贈專為金材昱首個香港粉絲聚會 – 「KIM JAEUCK & walrus『4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011』」設計的限量版毛巾乙條及海報乙張。兩份限量版禮品只限於四月二日金材昱香港站粉絲聚會中送出。(詳情請看附件)