I was listening to the radio this morning, and only did I know that there was a Korean Music concert event going on, but a huge accident happened, thousands of kpoppers were waiting at the expo as they were giving away free tickets. After waiting for almost a day, they only gave out 5,000 tickets which were half of the venue’s capacity, so fans were angry and pissed so they pushed and were basically fighting with the police there. Apparently one fangirl was pushed off the second floor and lost her life, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet. Though their website said that there were only minor pushing and shoving, though some people are already saying things like.

I sense a dirty coverup


What’s the heck is wrong with them?!

Let’s hope nobody got hurt at the venue. The event is now called off, and it hasn’t even been announced properly. Apparently Super Junior and BoA was supposed to be performing.

Edit : Apparently, there are haters that are posting that the girl that passed away during the incident was because of Super Junior, please don’t jump into conclusions until it has been confirmed. From news reports in Hong Kong, the girl was accidently pushed down from the second floor during the pushing and shoving with the guards.

Edit 2: Half of the 5,000 tickets were given away to Korean groups, eager Chinese Kpoppers have not been made aware of. By the time the limited tickets were sold out, approximately 5,000 fans were already waiting outside the venue, they became violent, and apparently some girls were stepped over by some guys.

5 responses to “Updated: Korean Concert Hall @ Shanghai World Expo Incident”

  1. Jamila says:

    oh no =( this is really bad…
    the people in charge should have done it more professionally by letting the fans know how many tickets they will be given out..or at least let them know before hand that the free tickets are only going to cover up half of the venue..
    =T incidents like these should not happen.

  2. Jenna R says:

    Wow that is horrible, I hope that girl did not lose her life. 🙁

  3. Christopher says:

    I agree, it was a bad job done by the organizers.

  4. Christopher says:

    We would never know the truth because of Chinese Media cover ups.

  5. Jamila says:

    I pray it's just a rumor though, that the girl passed away.