Greeting fans and supporters, I received an email from UMM (Universal Music Malaysia) regarding to a KPOP party that soon will happen in my homeland, Malaysia. I was wondering how many of you are from Malaysia or willing to attend this to-be-happen event from other countries? For the artist line up and other details, we’ll be receiving it from UMM directly when it’s on.

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But just right before that this is going to happen, we have a good news for you all. UMM are sending lucky Malaysian B2UTY(s) (Fans of 6 boys-band, B2ST/BEAST) to catch their first ever, Beast Airline Concert in Seoul. So, “Welcome to B2ST Airline”.

Beast Airline Concert
Date: December 12, 2010
Time: 5PM
Venue: Seoul Olympic Stadium

Are you ready for it now? I can’t hear you, make some noise people! Okay maybe some comments will do for now.

This is what I received and requested to pass along to every single one of you out there. –

“Hey, Beauty! We have something massive up our sleeves for you in January 2011 – the biggest K-Pop Party in Malaysia has ever seen! But before that, how would you like to catch Beast LIVE in action at their Welcome to Beast Airline concert in Seoul on December 12? It’s simple! Just SMS BEAST to 2016 to purchase…Bea…st Caller Tunes at RM9, exclusive for DiGi customers. Alternatively, You also can buy a copy of Beast’s Mastermind CD and fill in the form Check out for more details on how you could take part. Hurry and send in your entries now! [via Universal Music Malaysia]”

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