There has been a rumor that there will be a SM Concert this year around August time, so if you’re in Korea during summer, you should go attend.. though ticketing will be very tough, as tickets are sold out within minutes!

Cr. Bestiz

Also there is a rumor that Girls’ Generation is going to promote in Japan, and might not be a concert, instead just a showcase.

Cr. @razz_berriez9

The U-Kiss concert in the Philippines is being confirmed to be held on June 14th after being postponed.

Cr. rocketboxx

Apparently, Girls’ Generation is already preparing for a new album? Taeyeon, the leader of Girls’ Generation posted a UFO Star Call video. Check it out!

Edit: the Girls’ Generation Bangkok concert date will be announced in two weeks, we’ll update on that when the official date is confirmed.

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