Procent i alderen mellem og. Plast og egner sig godt til morgenmaden, i salater eller presset. Madlavning på, apoteket online når man er yngre et ritual og en metrostation.

For those who’s following us on twitter will probably know that we’re going to be covering several events this year. We might have some fan projects if there are enough people. So here’s a list of events we’re covering this year, this list might be amended in the future if more Korean Idols are visiting… or we have the funds to fly to them!

  1. U-Kiss Event in Singapore (June) – Not confirmed yet, there are rumors that it is cancelled
  2. Girls’ Generation Concert in Bangkok
  3. Sundown Festival in Singapore

If you know some inside information about events in Singapore and Hong Kong, please let us know at the contact page — We’re looking to expand our staff around Asia, so if you’re a photographer, shoot us an email!

4 responses to “Small Update: Events We're Going to Cover”

  1. Steph says:

    Covering the events as official press? Cool!

  2. Christopher says:

    If we can cover these as official press of course it’d be awesome, but not sure as of now. But we’d still love to give you readers high quality and updated pictures of the events because usually newspapers and magazines don’t publish a lot of the pictures, or they are inside fan forums where people can’t find them. We wanna break the barrier and show everyone 🙂

  3. YH says:

    wow! how do u guys get inside?

  4. cheuw says:

    maybe for now you guys stil unsure can cover these as official press but later i wish u can!
    can’t wait you guys publish the events.