Apparently, the girls will have their  first fanmeeting in Japan tomorrow in Shinjuku, Tokyo (June 5th), but this is not confirmed, and the source is unknown, so stay tuned!

I don’t think the source is reliable, again from a reliable SONE @bossa747:

must be a fanmeeting without snsd… 🙂

Just to clear things up, it was miscommunication error, around 50 Japanese SONEs will gather tomorrow, and plan to make a towels to support the girls in Japan.

One response to “SNSD's First Fanmeeting in Japan”

  1. Jamila says:

    I'm really looking forward to SNSD's Japan debut :3 since i looove J-pop
    when the album OH! first came out and saw the cover, i couldn't help but notice their clothing style was heavily Japanese influenced :3 The album was on the international chart i believe? Didn't hit a high notch, but it sold.

    ^_^ fighting in Japan~~~ (they'll speak Japanese? ^O^)