It’s been 2 days since the contest ended and we have finally decided on the winners! 😀

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Just to remind you again, there are 6 winners in total. (3 qns for After School, 3 qns for F.Cuz)

Best question wins a pair of Sundown Festival Tickets and the all 6 will get a HD picture/instax of their choice of member/group. 😀

And the winners are…

Questions for F.Cuz:

1) Since your debut, a lot of fans has been waiting for an announcement for an official fanclub name. Do you guys have any ideas for it? Will the official name be released soon?
by: iNiyama (twitter) –> Jinon’s pic

2) F.Cuz is currently promoting Taiwan market. Are there any plans to promote F.Cuz in another country/market? where?
by: EvLyn 에린 (Facebook) –> Instax of Kan/LeeU

3) What is the craziest thing your fans have ever done for you?
by: SGkrezzy (twitter) –> Instax of LeeU

Questions for After School:

1) Fans in Singapore gone crazy after confirming your attendance in sundown festival and do you all intend to have personal concert in Singapore in return for the support for the fans?
by: yowjiawen (twitter) –> After School or Bekah

2) Music is said to be a universal language to reach out and touch the hearts of many. What keeps the music of After School ‘Fresh’ and appealing to the masses?
by: Ernspsyc (twitter) –> Bekah’s pic

3) Are there any kinds of concept that you would like to try out in the future?
by: lee_jinah (twitter) –> Instax of Lizzy

Winner of a pair of Sundown Fest Tickets…. yowjiawen.

We will contact the winners via twitter/facebook, do get back to us within 24 hours or your prizes will be forfeited. (@Kaggregate on twitter, or reply our msg on FB)

A big Thank You to all who participated! We’ll keep the contests running, do take part in future contests/giveaways! 😀