Finally! The wait is over! Big Bang’s T.O.P has finally released his most anticipated Turn It Up MV!

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This MV is hotter in HD! T.O.P looks perfect and sizzling hot in it. I can tell lots of girls out there are biting their lips watching those woman surrounding him, and even laying on his laps!

Anyway, this is just superb! I certainly love the beat that this song have. It’s very addictive. This would be the perfect choice of song to be played if you happen to throw a party. I’ve got to say the last part of the MV is the best. Though T.O.P does not have great dancing skills like Taeyang, but I think it was cute of him, trying to dance and flaps his hands as if he’s ready to fly up high.

And if you didn’t know yet, Turn It Up can also be purchased on iTunes. So everyone, head here to grab this track for yourself! Enjoy!

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