I Need A Girl (ft G-Dragon) :

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After You Fall Asleep :

Just A Feeling :

You’re My :


Superstar :

Move :

Take It Slow :

Breakdown :

The wait is finally, and really over. The SOLAR album is one of the most anticipated album and from what I’ve heard, the Deluxe Edition of SOLAR has already been sold out at YesAsia and probably at other websites too! Now that is, fast. I believe some has already made their order at YGEshop and currently waiting for the album to arrive. Lucky fans!

Anyway, this album is great. There are some tracks composed by Teddy and Taeyang himself. I’m recommending “Take It Slow”, “Breakdown”, “I Need A Girl”, “Move” and “Just A Feeling”.

Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” can also be purchased at iTunes, so head here to grab this amazing track for your own! Till then, enjoy!