Rumors are spreading like wild fire now. First, a picture (below) was uploaded and spread around the web stating that Taeyeon was at Universal Studio Singapore yesterday

Fans said that Taeyeon was on vacation with her parents in Singapore since SNSD are on holiday before their busy schedule on Japan etc.

Some said that…

Singapore Universal Studio’s Staff got Taeyeon’s Autograph.

We’ll keep posting more positive updates regarding with Taeyeon in Singapore.

Now, do you think she’s in Singapore now? Is this TRUE or FALSE?

Edit: Taeyeon has been spotted @ Singapore Flyer!

One response to “Taeyeon in Singapore?”

  1. Jamila says:

    ^o^ on vacation? thats good to hear.
    woah…i didnt know SNSD will be aiming for Japan…that would be interesting :3
    Guess will be seeing more of Seoyoung then~ <333