If you all didn’t know, there is a huge protest of the red-shirts again this year in Thailand and it’s affecting Thailand Fans and also international fans who are wanting to travel there to attend these events.

Recently, the Zuno fan meeting and tour will be cancelled, but his showcase is going to be continued in Bangkok, also there is a Girls’ Generation concert planned on the 24th of July, and we plan to cover that — even though we’ve already pre-ordered the tickets as an International Fan, the Thailand Ticket pre-orders and press is postponed till later notice.

Even though the Thailand situation seem to be dying down, there are still protesting going on, and it seems like it will take a long time to recover. If the idols do plan on continuing their tour at Thailand and also international fans that are travelling there to see them should be careful. Let’s all pray for Thailand and hope the situation will get better as soon as possible.

3 responses to “Thailand Situation is Affecting KPoppers!”

  1. ANN says:

    i cant understand it..why they protest with red-shirts?

  2. ANN says:

    i cant understand it..why they protest with red-shirts?

  3. qbox.com says:

     I am inform you to let you know about gathering all CONCERT Demanding by fans.
    The K-pop artists are dying to know how much they are wanted where and by how many. 

    Until now, flash mobs just recorded their gatherings and put the footage
    on Youtube. But Qbox goes further and gives detailed information as to
    which musician is wanted in each region. In order for them to hold
    concerts, such data is essential. And Qbox just does that – giving them
    required information. 

    Thank you 🙂