2010 is definitely the year where we see lots of rookies debuting. We have SISTAR which has already debuted, and now, four more are added to the list. I’ve got to say, Korean media has really caught the eyes of the world and it’s developing very well.

First up is this group which really caught my attention. A multinational girl group, called i-Me is ready to debut by next month. What’s interesting about them is that they consist of a member from Korea, a German-Thai member from Academy Fantasia, and three members from last year’s Super Girls competition (Chinese Idol for females). How cool is that?

i-Me is a collaboration between Thai company True Visions, Korean company DoReMi and Hunan Broadcasting Systems company eeMedia. And wow! What gorgeous look they have! Here’s a single from them :

Kinda reminds you of Kara’s Wanna? Yeah, me too.

Meet Sun Hyoran & Jay Gun. Very… manly? 🙂

What you’re seeing now is a duet group from GF Entertainment, called X-Cross. Their single and first digital single titled STORM has already been released. Fans will be able to see more of them on this week’s Mnet Countdown, KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Center, and SBS Inkigayo. Check out their MV for My Luv here!

Other than that, I’m pretty sure KPOP fans are already aware about the rising of this new group called Infinite. With the help of Epic High member’s for their production, this group finally released the official MV for Come Back Again from their first mini-album, Invasion. Besides from coming from the same company as Epic High, this group gained more attention from their good-looking faces. Fangirls must be loving 2010 for giving birth to lots of boy groups.

Now check out the MV here :

Ooh, the “durawa durawa” part is very addictive. This song will be a hit!

And of course, I saved the best, for the last. Has anyone here heard about Teen Top yet? I’ve got to say, this is going to be the best debut story ever, since they’re going to be featured in a new show called Vice Guide to Everything by MTV. Very nice!

The faces of Teen Top. *dies*

Director of MTV, Jesse Zook Mann explained;

The original plan was to show how an idol group prepares through a systematic system but we came to have even higher expectations for after their debut so we have decided to return to Korea to film the boys upon the time of their actual debut.

Another MTV associate who interacted with the group said, “Neal, who is the lead vocalist, has the tone of a young Michael Jackson. They are fit to compete in markets overseas too because the English skills of one of their members is at the level of a native speaker.

Very impressive. I would love to wait for their debut. What do you think? Which rookie caught your eyes? Tell us about it!

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