Kuala Lumpur, 7 December 2014 – Rookie group Topp Dogg which comprises of 13-members had their first ever showcase in Malaysia at HGH Convention Centre. The boys got the fans pumped up from the beginning of the show with an energetic performance of their debut song “Say It”. Throughout the entire showcase, Topp Dogg managed to captivate the hearts of fans by flaunting their powerful dance moves and on-stage charisma flawlessly.


During the interval, a few members of Topp Dogg showed off their charms by dancing off to Sistar’s “Touch My Body” while member A-Tom did a sexy solo dance imitating Sunmi’s “24 Hours”.


Topp Dogg also managed to interact with audience through a couple of game sessions conducted by the MC. The members selected a couple of fans from the audience to play a classic game of “Cham Cham Cham” whereby the loser gets punished. In addition, there was a lucky draw session held whereby three winners were invited on stage to participate in a challenge which requires them to dance off to one of Topp Dogg’s song. The selected winner eventually gets a wish granted from Topp Dogg.


Much to the Topp Dogg’s surprise, Malaysian TOPP KLASS had actually prepared an advanced birthday party for Kidoh who celebrates his birthday on the 16th of December. Kidoh mentioned that he is very grateful and happy to be celebrating his birthday earlier with the fans here in Malaysia.


The showcase finally closed with an exclusive fansign session with the boys whereby VIP Zone ticket holders were entitled to attend. We would like to extend our thanks to Jazzy Group for bringing Topp Dogg to perform their very first showcase in Malaysia and for the opportunity to cover for this special event.

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