According to a insider source, the Bangkok Concert will be held around the end of the year before the last tour destination, Japan. At the moment, a organizer has been co-ordinated with SM Entertainment.

Source: Confidential
Cr: @razz_berriez9

Also, for the date of the Bangkok concert, even though it was said that it’ll be postponed indefinitely there are rumors that it will be postponed till October along with the Taiwanese concert, and the Japan concert is scheduled in August.

Again, these are ALL rumors and it isn’t confirmed by any organizers or SM. I know it’s confusing, but stay tuned and we’ll ‘kaggregate’ the most updated information for you guys.

One response to “Update: Girls' Generation's Asia Tour Rumors”

  1. cheuw says:

    yeah still confusing..
    and i hope the situation in thai will be better.
    so our girls will safe in there.. >,<
    thanks for info.. ^^