We’re finally looking for some writers for Kaggregate.com, we’re looking for people to blog about.. K-pop! Since we’re not a news site, we’re not looking for news writers, just looking for casual bloggers that like to blog about interesting things they notice or see! Though there are some requirements;

1. You must not be only be posting content of your biases
2. Fluent in English, at least enough to not have grammatical errors and be semi-formal
3. Creative! Don’t be boring, attract the readers post stuff that you find interesting, or else no one will find it interesting!

If you’re interested in joining our writing team, don’t hesitate and shoot us an email using the contact form here, in the following format;

Why should we give you this spot?:
Ever blogged before? A link? (optional):

We’re expecting your email! 😀

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