Wonder Girls are going to Singapore again, seems like a lot of idols are going there, but it’s going to be like Super Junior’s showcase, you’d have to buy a phone to get the CHANCE to attend their showcase. Stay tuned, we’ll update you guys with more information on this post!

Edit: With more info, They’re going to have a showcase on 18th of June, at Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Hall Basement 2 Hall E @ 7:00pm, You’d have to buy Xperia X10 or Vivaz to get a free pair of tickets to the showcase.

Edit2: Sony Ericsson is also doing an auction for the autographed phone, and the phone will be presented by the Wonder Girls. Currently the max bid is at 1200SGD. Click the picture for more info. Also similarly, Wonder Girls will be going to Indonesia for their first time, their showcase will be held on 20th of June in Jakarta, there will be contests held, such as dancing to the beat of “Nobody” and explain how “Wondergirlicious you are”. Cr. wonderfulsworld.com

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