Wong Fu Productions (WFP) is a rising independent production company that has been at the forefront as an influential pioneer in utilizing new media distribution and creating projects with a positive message. Founders Wesley Chan, Ted Fu and Philip Wang have been making viral videos since 2003, before the start of YouTube. Now in 2012, through the constant embracing of new methods of distributing their work, these innovative artists have created their own path outside Hollywood’s traditional means.

Wong Fu Productions’ works have been featured at a number of national and international film festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival. They were noted as the top 30 most influential Asian-Americans under 30 and were interviewed by CNN for being inspiring Asian-American achievers. They now have a fan base of millions across the United Stated and around the world, work full-time creating online content, design their own merchandises, and producing with other companies and artists with the recent being international pop star, Wang Lee Hom. Wong Fu believes in exerting a positive influence in the entertainment industry and on their audience through its working philosophy: “If at the end of the day there’s someone out there who has a better day because of us, then we’ve succeeded.”

For the first time ever, Wong Fu Productions will be coming to Malaysia as part of their Asia Pacific Tour to have a Meet and Greet with their fans and also to participate in a mini symposium and talks with local media, arts and filmmaking students. M.E Malaysia are proud to invite Wong Fu Productions to lead this two outstanding sessions that celebrates their work while defining who they are and showcasing why they are an inspiration to millions of fans. Details as follows:

Day/Date : Saturday, 4th February 2012
Venue : Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

Session 1 : Mini Symposium
Time : 1.00PM to 3.00PM
Host : Filemmakers Anonymous
Tickets : RM 88.00 (General Admission)

Aimed at early-career filmmakers, curious fans and film and video students, attendees will be given a rare opportunity to ask more about Wong Fu Productions’ professional development.

Session 2 : Wong Fu For LYFE!
Time : 7.00PM to 9.00PM
Host : Jin (Hitz FM)
Performances : Once Upon a Time The Was a Sausage named BOB
: Dance Crews EleColdxHot (ECX) & FreeInsiX (F.I.X)
Tickets : RM 150 (Limited VIP) / RM 95 (General Admission)
: Comes with FREE Poster Postcard (for Autograph Session).

The boys will be giving a presentation as well as showing some of their recent and upcoming projects. They will be answering your Q&A and they will also have a Meet & Greet with the audience. With fun performances from our list of performers and also WFP merchandises available on sale, it’s an event you won’t want to miss!
For more information, log on to http://www.facebook.com/Inzpire.ME

This event is presented by M.E Malaysia with the support of Gua.Com (Official Portal), Nuffnang (Official Social Media), Full House Sunway Giza (Official Restaurant), Taylor’s University & Syopz Mall (Official Venue), RUEMZ Hotel (Official Hotel) and Filemmakers Anonymous (Supporter).

Visit Wong Fu Productions’ site http://wongfuproductions.com/, subscribe to their Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/WongFuProductions and follow them on Twitter http://twitter.com/wongfupro